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      Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

      My water tank is c. 8 years old. When the water is heated to a sufficient degree, a browny/green algae is present in the tap water. This is most common when I heat water through the electric immersion heater however I presume the algae is always present but only stirred up when the heat is sufficient within the tank.

      Is this a common occurence and can something be added to the water to kill the growth and sterilize the tank. Or would the simplist thing be to replace the tank?

      I’d appreciate any advice as this is an area I’m unfamiliar with.

      Reply either here or through my email at


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      Your problem could be lack of a dialectric union between the coper line and the water heater. The electrolysis allows sulfites to build up which allow for the growth of algae that like to feed on them. Either a dielectric union or a 6 inch brass fitting to get rid of the electrolysis may fix your problem.

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      I have never heard of algae growing in a water heater tank. The temperature is way to hot to support the growth of algae. You may have “green stuff” discharging from the hot water lines to your fixtures, but I’d be surprised if that stuff was algae growing in the heater tank.

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