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        My toilet drain is clogged, and drains VERY slowly. Plunging doesn’t work very well, I’v tried Drano Max, but that doesn’t seem to do anything, and I’ve tried using a drain snake, but it doesn’t go down the drain very far, and I don’t even know if I’m using it correctly. Please help!

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        Avatar photojack spotz

          let me give this a shot,sarah. these problems are much easier to diagnose first hand. when your toilet is working slowly, is there ANY differences in ANY other drains in your house? like gurgling, water coming up in your tub or shower,water bouncing up and down in a toilet, etc? if not the problem is most likely in your toilet itself. thing like a small comb, deoderant lid, etc. in a toile can really cause major toilet problems.( i NORMALLY find these things in homes with residents under 3 ft. tall or with teenage girls “too gross to pick out, ill try flushing it”) if this is the case, after you plunge the heck out of it, it will work somewhat until someone goes #2 and the solids and paper will catch on the foreign piece and plug it up tight once again. they make a tool called a closet “toilet” auger. they normall dont retrieve the foreignobject, rather shmush it and push it through. if you can get your hands on one and think you have yout toilet opened, flush a BIIG wad of toilet paper down, if its open it will pass right through, if not it will catch again and you can start over. if you cant find a closet auger, call a plumer, they can be difficult and GROSS to use.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            FORGET Chemicals they are a complete waste of money.

            If you use a plunger try doing it this way. Put the plunger in and compress the rubber NOT forcing the object down BUT Rather trying to pull it back with the suction of the rubber cup. Pushing down with a plunger tends to make the stopppage that muchremove by wedging the object tighter in the trap part of this fixture.

            You may want to try getting an Auger BUT get a good quality one like a “Gereral” wire company. You sould also find out if you have a 3.5 GPF toilet or a 1.6 as this has alot of which auger head you can fit into this bowl
            (large Drop head) does the best job on 3.5 toilets..
            If you can hire a master plumber and WATCH how he/she uses the auger and ask if he/she will let you try it.
            This education didnt come free to him/her and therefore he/she should be compensated for his/her time.

            Once you learn how to properly use this device you can also make the big bucks ;-) Have a great one

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