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        I have a 5yr old house with 5 zone hot water baseboard heat. I want to add a 6th zone for some heat in the basement. Once I add the baseboard elements it will be time to add the zone to the existing system. I notice that I have no bleed valves on my baseboards anywhere in the house. The only thing I see is one garden host valve just before the 5 zone valves. How do I bleed the system after adding the zone?

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          Usually the easy way is to get out the yellow pages and call a plumber who knows how it is done .
          A qualified person can purge your system in about 15 min and suggest ways to keep it air free.

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            Hope Mark has’nt installed that basement heat loop yet.
            The best thing you can do before you do so is to get a brass vent 90 fitting on one end of preferably the return side as it goes back to the pump with a coin vent screwed into that. Then, bleeding air from the loops is quicker and less of a hassle. Also, assuming you are piping in a new zone branch, while you’re at it get a Auto-Vent on the bypass (assuming you have some sort of bypass piped into the manifold) or at least get one on a riser coming off the return line. You can also sweat in some new ball valves between the return, or supply lines, in order to help force the air out as you purge the system by being able to isolate them.
            Just a few suggestions before you begin your project to help upgrade your air purging capabilities.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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