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        By the time hot water gets to other end of house (both bathrooms), it is only warm. House is a adverage 2 bath home (1750 sq ft), but existing water heater is at end of house near clothes washer and kitchen. Should I …
        — install small (1/2 size) water heater at bathroom-end of house, in existing hot water line?
        — install a 2nd water heater at bathroom-end of house, and supply it with cold water?

        P.S. I plan to bypass existing under foundation copper plumbing – starting to corrode and leak. Okay to use PVC in attic?

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          If you are going to run pipe in attic well you got more loss so you better put a little heater under each lav. or put in circulating pump, they make them that they connect to hw at fix. look it up on internet . PVC is ok long as you insulate it and support it every 5′.

          Art retired plbg

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