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      My new shower is 1-month old. New problem as of yesterday: red-rusty colored fine dirt/dust material is being left on the bottom of the shower floor after showering. What could be causing this? Thanks for your help. Please respond to Jon at: attyjon@erols.com

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      1- is this an older building with Galvanized piping?

      2-Are you using well water?

      3- If it is city water, is the city doing any repairs/maintainence to this system?

      4-How often do you actually flush out your hot water heater as per instructions supplied by the heater manufacturer?

      5-Was the NEW shower installed by a Licensed Master Plumber or someone dabbling in this profession?

      6- Who ever installed the new piping did they flush out the lines properly to make sure no acid type flux is remaining?

      7- Was the drain installed to a proper diameter (2″)?

      8- Was this drain properly pitched AND snaked out to the main prior to being put into service?

      9- Was this shower properly vented?

      10- If you let water down another fixture do you get a slight back up in the shower base?
      Good luck

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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