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      I recently hired a plumber to put in a new bathroom. I was having the tile put down and noticed the drain to the toilet was not level, sloping forward. Should the drain pipe be level with the flange ring. or is the sloping ok so the toilet wont leak after installation. thank you for any help.

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      I would say I would consult with the plumber, and ask him if the reason it is tilting due to the piping under the floor sloping with the correct pitch.

      I myself have had this problem with ground roughs where either I installed piping that need proper fall and this in turn “tilts” the piping on the vertical.

      You are then left to deal with setting the closet flange, trying to make the flange do what the piping won’t let it, which is lay completely flat on the floor.

      You can get creative by cutting the upright at a partial angle on the backside and heavily clean and glue the solvent weld connection, then setting flange and standing on the flange while the connection solidifies.

      A 22 degree fitting won’t fix this under the floor since the degree of piping angle is considerably less…….so I would measure with a torpedo level to gauge how much it is off.

      If it is less than a 1/4″, the wax ring will make this adjustment.

      This is more common than most know though……not good for the toilet installer sometimes.

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      If the pipe is coming fromthe back and the riser is tilted to the front meam the pipe is falling backwards which might cause a stoppage.

      Art retired plbg

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