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      Curt Resident

      Large hand on old meter was slowing moving on meter
      at road side. Walked pipe line back to house could not
      find sign of leak. Old meter did not have Low Flow
      (leak) Detector. I got water co. to replace it with new
      Sensus SR with Low Flow indicator and now neither
      the large hand or the Low Flow are turning.
      Can I assume the old meter was leaking?

      When I first looked in the meter housing it had water
      in it up to the meter face, the water co. drained/pumped it all out when they put in the Sensus.

      Now several days later the water has returned to the
      same level in the housing,the large hand and the
      Low flow indicator and still not turning when the water
      is turned off. They do turn when we are using water in
      the house.

      Is this water in the housing a normal thing,when I say
      housing I mean the heavy iron box that the Sensus
      is mounted in not the meter itself.

      How is the meter installed in this box,the input appears
      to have a tension device the output end just looks
      like it is pushed up against the pipe.

      Thanks, Charlie Johns Island, SC

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      Retired plbg1

      Most meters have coupling nut and waher. Turn uor water off in house and then see if dial moves, if so you have leak between meter and house. Turn off valve on house side of meter and if pit fills up then you have leak between meter and main.

      Art retired plbg

Viewing 1 reply thread
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