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        The toilet keeps running in the system box. Once the ballcock is where it should be when the toilet has refilled after a flush there is a little hole in the fitting of the pipe connected to the ballcock refil system and out of it water keeps a coming. The toilet valve will not stop it and for now I have had to turn the water off. Any idea’s please?

        any quick fixes till tomorrow?

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          If you have ballcock with rod and float on there should be a screw on top to ajust if not bend down rod, if that dont work you need a washer in it are put in new one. Here is a site to show you how.
          C:My DocumentsPlbg Work SitesReplacing the Toilet Tank Parts.htm

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            That site wont work send me your E-Add. are go to how to replace ballcocks.

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              You have a leaky ballcock valve. Some of these have ports that direct water into the overflow tube to help fill the bowl during the flush cycle. It is hardly worth the trouble to try to repair a faulty ballcock valve. Replace the whole assembly with a cheap (about $6US) float valve such as the Fluidmaster. Lever-action floating ballcock valves are old inferior technology.


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