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      We have a State Select Hot Water heater in our home.

      It should still be under warrenty because the house is only 5 years old. I guess the pipethat liberates the gas is not working and the pilot cannot be lit.

      My problem is I am living out of the country, my house is being rented and I Have no idea who to call for this.

      Can anyone help me

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      Sounds like the thermocouple is defective; I would replace this and see if this corrects the problem.

      It is under $10 and it is the safety device that tells the gas valve when to open when it satisfies the right temperature.

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      Well actually I suspect that the pilot light is blocked with lint or whatever otherwise the pilot light would be able to be lit.
      If however, the pilot will light but when the hold down button is released then I would suspect as Dunbar has said the thermocouple lead is suspect and needs to be replaced.
      If the pilot light flame will not light there are a few causes for this problem and you would be better to obtain the services of a qualified gas serviceperson to undertake the remedial work on your behalf as safety with gas is paramount.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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