Cold water in the bathtub won’t shut off.

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      Avatar photoPeter DeCrosta

        We have an older house (~70 years) and the handles are attached to the wall. This happened on Sunday morning (what a rude wake up call!) when all of a sudden we were not able to shut off cold water. The handle turned all the way into off position, but the water is still running (A LOT OF WATER). So, after shutting off the whole house, I took a closer look and it looks like the stem is further out than it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, it won’t go back in. Any suggestions? What should be my steps? We are expecting a company this weekend and need the water back on!



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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Pull the stem out, inspect, and then either replace the seat washer or the entire stem if need be.

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          Avatar photosergv

            I am having problems with removing the stem unfortunately. I was able to get the handle out by unscrewing the screw and then removing the piece that was screwed into (inside) the pipe that sticks out of the wall but I don’t know what to do next. The pipe that is sticking out of the wall has hex sides on it, so I am assuming I can unscrew it, correct? Will that allow me to remove the stem? Thanks!

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            Avatar photoRetired plbg1

              Click on this web site and the valve is simalar what you have.

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