2 water closets on 3″ wet vent?

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        Have a single family home,want to
        install 1/2 bath on first floor. The
        stack is 3″, and the toilets will each be less than 6 feet to stack,
        the 2nd story bath will be dry vent
        and 1st story will be wet vent. the stack is vertical, The second story is a full bath, and the first story
        will be 1/2 bath, Any input on this?

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        Avatar photohj

          It is done, but I would prefer not to, since you would not know for sure if there is a siphon problem on the lower toilet until everything is finished. By then it would be too late to install a relief vent to prevent it from happening.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Why would ANY sane person want to use a “wet vent” for any thing?How much could the plumber actually save?? Ridiculous almost as crazy as the BUMS who would use an AAV


        Viewing 2 reply threads
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