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      Dick Rass

      This could get me the idiot of the year award, but I’ll ask anyway.

      I had a sink installed 2 years ago and the drain has been slowly clogging for several months. Plunger no longer works and I believe it is an accumulation of hair formed on the drain stopper (don’t know actual name of part).

      I thought I could just pull it (the stopper) out of the basin, but it will not come out.

      It is operated by the exposed lever on top of the faucet. The kind that you pull up and push down to let water drain.

      I have access to the rear of the sink and I see where it goes into the drain pipe. There appears to be a bolt that I could loosen. Do I just loosen that bolt and slide the thin metal pin into the drain and pull up on the stopper , thus pulling the whole apartus out?

      I’d prefer to ask here, before I start dismanteling the pipe.

      On previous sinks, the stopper just lifted out.

      Is that still the case? Could it just be clogged with hair and I need to force it a little?

      Thanks in advance.

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      Retired plbg1

      It as hair atuck in it,
      take it apart as this drawing shows. Go to this web site.

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      Thanks. 10 minute job. The wife loves me! Great website….

      It’s a very helpfull site.

      Thanks again.

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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