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      Avatar photoDebbie McNulty

        6 months ago, I installed a new hot water heater. 3 months ago, I started to experience low water pressure. It’s good for a few minutes in the shower, then it trickles. When I start a load of laundry, it’s pouring out normally, then when the holding tank empties, the pressure drops to a trickle. After the machine is done filling, the pump runs for a good 10-15 minutes. I have an old 2″ well, and an old pump as well. The holding tank is only a few years old. I’m not sure if the new water heater has anything to do with the pressure problem. Do I need a new pump, or a new well? My dad recently passed away, so I have no one I can trust to ask that won’t steer me wrong dollar wise.

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          First, Isolate the house from the pump and see if the problem exists from the pump and the well itself to see if the house is the contributing factor.

          Check to make sure that all valves are completely open; some gate valves will appear open when actually they are not.

          Calcium buildup or debris is another possibility in old piping.

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          Avatar photoSelgas

            If you pump pumps water up from the well into a holding tank then the water flows from that tank into your hot water cylinder there are a couple of things you could check for. 1st check that the water level device in the holding tank is working properly and that when the water level drops down a little the pump should come on and refill the tank again while the water is being drawn off at the cylinder. I would suggest if this is the system you have that the possible fault may lie with the float switch ( water level sensor) in the holding tank.

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            Avatar photoGarySlusser

              It sounds as if your pump isn’t coming on when it should. The usuall cause (in the US) is rust buildup in the pressure switch, the nipple it is mounted on, the hole the nipple is in or any tubing and fittings from the switch to the pump end fittings on jet pumps. The blockage prevents the switch from sensing the pressure change(s) immediately. In other words, the switch/pump lags.

              You have to remove the switch, nipple and any tubing and its fittings to fix that. If someone knows how, they can remove the switch cover and observe the contacts in relation to the pressure gauge readings and the switch contacts closing and opening to match the switch pressure settings. I.E. 30/50 water pressure the gauge should read 30 when the points close and the pump runs; until it reaches 50 and the gauge says 50 and contacts open.

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