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        We just bought a home with a well and when the water was turned on, nothing but thick rusty sludge came out. The house is built on a slab, so the pipes should be copper, right?, so is it the hot water heater?, the well?, or something else? And, if it’s just that the water heater has rust in it, will draining/flushing it be the best thing to do?

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        Avatar photojack spotz

          sounds to me like you’ll wish you had the home inspected with a water test. can you talk to someone else who’s lived there? get yourself a water treatment expert for a free initial consultation. till then flush the poo-poo out of the lines, full blast for a few minutes, each faucet, then pour a clean glass jar full of water and inspect it in the light. any red or floaties? post back, k? j

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