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        Hi. We are remodeling the downstairs bath. It is a very small area and on a cement slab. there is a 32×32 shower presently. I would like to put in a 34×34 Neo Angle shower but the drains all look as though they are in the wrong place. Short of chopping up the cement, what can I do?? Are there any shower receptors that give the option of the drain location?? Thank you!!

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Sioux Chief makes a side-outlet drain assembly for the situation you describe; you might have to raise the unit or build it up on a platform, but that seriously takes away from the finished product of a functional bathroom. (Property Value)

          Going from a standard pan to a neo-angle shouldn’t prove to be too much concrete removal; an hour at most.

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            Get the rough in for shower and rent a el. hamer and break up floor, it is easy.

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