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      OK – so my toilet sprung a leak and stained the kitchen ceiling. The toilet had been wobbly because the flnage sat too high off the floor. I decided to fix the situation by removing the flange and putting in a modified one that would sit lower to the floor. But the old flange is glued in place and I can’t budge it. I tried to chip it out but now am left with a 4″ pipe with an uneven interior surface. Any suggestions?

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      Use a inside pipe cutter and trim the piping to uniform and flat.

      Then, use the correct water closet flange, fasten it with a combination of glue and anchoring the flange with the holes provided in the ring.

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      Retired plbg1

      You can get a 3″ pvc flange which will fit inside the 4″ pipe, even out pipe like Dunbar said.

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