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      Can someone please explain to me how to wipe in a new joint between the drain arm going into the wall under a sink and the lead pipe coming out of the wall with a flange.

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      That takes alot of training to wipe a lead joint and to get it right, many first attempts turn into devastation of the pipe and joint.

      I would remove the lead piping and replace with approved material and pipe in accordance with the plumbing code in your area.

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      Retired plbg1

      First you measure trap and file end about 1″ and then tin trap arm with solder, melt the old joint from wall be carefull. Get your solder pot hot and take piece paper and dip into solder and if paper turns light brown it is ready, take a laddle and put a little at a time and start wiping counter clockwise and when you go around a couple of times and it is like butter then go around once more and finsh it off. By then you probably burnned your hand and have to stop.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      RP, you forgot the Sheeps fat & the Coal Tar in preparation also the wiping cloth & the possible danger of pouring the hot lead down the wiping cloth & the melting of the lead pipe.

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      Have you ever seen some one that forgot to take off there wedding ring and molten wipping solder came in contact with there ring and finger?

      Nasty, real nasty!

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