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      David Colquitt

      A proposed rule change for the number of plumbing fixtures to ensure that females have a speed access that males have. Not joking!

      The change proposes a ratio of two female toilets for every male toilet and every urinal.

      My question is for the plumbers in other countries and states if they have these requirements or any requirements concerning the number of fixtures in each toilet room?

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      Nothing that I am aware of in my tri-state area (KY OH IN) but I can see the point taken in regards to this.

      If you have ever been to a public function, and the usage of restrooms is between shows, concerts, functions, the waiting lines for women almost always doubles to the men, and sometimes the women will go and use the urinals and/or toilets in the men’s restrooms, regardless of embarrassment or rule violations.

      They need to design a urinal for women that they can use for standing, shaped like a banana with the narrow part to easily fit between thier legs, avoiding the use of a toilet seat. That way they could line a wall with smaller dividers, and limit the amount of toilets.

      Only catch is the use of toilet paper, which would have to be considered in the use of this idea.

      “Your best interest is secured by making the right decisions the first time.”

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Plumbill. No requirement here either but there has been a review & ratio lifted in a very convaluted way, it even allows for UNISEX TOILETS.

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      Retired plbg1

      You are right , that is a problem where ever you go. We put ur. in for women which have a 4″ openning and they are called sanistands. Some of the shows have same problem with men, seems like they keep cutting amount of fix.down. Have to go back to old trough UR.

      Art retired plbg

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