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        I was fixing a bathtub faucet problem, went down to the basement, shut off the main water supply, fixed the bathtub problem, and now here is my problem… The main water shut off valve will not open back up. It just keeps turning (not a lever) in both directions. There is nothing that I can find online to deal with this problem. Most of the plumbing emergencies require that you shut off the main water valve, but I am not finding anything that deals with what to do if the valve is the problem. As stated earlier, the wheel just keeps spinning (not freely, but it feels like the same resistance is there no matter how many times I turn it, I have turned it 50 times clockwise, then 100 times counterclockwise and there is no difference). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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        Avatar photoRetired plbg1

          What you did was broke the stem, is it the main valve for the house are just a riser valve. If you can get name and type you might just replace stem, but I dout it. So shut off water and cut valve out and if it is copper put in valve and a sweat sleeve and solder it up, if you cant do it call a Plumber, let me know if it is main valve are just riser valve, if it is main then you will have to shut it off in meter box are might have to have city shut it off.

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          Avatar photoracefanone

            There is a slight chance that the wheel is loose on the stem.When you turn the wheel check to make sure the stem is turning also,if it is then the stem is broken.If the stem doesnt turn then the wheel is loose.If it is loose ,you can repair it or use pliers to turn the stem.

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            Avatar photocalbat

              It was a broken valve. I guess when I turned it off, that was last time it worked properly, so it was stuck in the off position. Had to have a plumber come out to put in a new valve after the city came out to shut off water outside. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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