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      I am trying to add a drain line in an existing PVC drain system. I want to install a new t-fitting for the new drain in the existing system. The problem is that if I cut the existing drain line to accomodate the new fitting there’s no way to fit the new fitting in place because the fitting adds length because of it’s female connector.
      I know there must be an easy answer, please help

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      Retired plbg1

      There are two ways to do it. First you use a y not a t. On the pvc fitting you can cut 2 pieces of pvc pipe and glue them into fitting. Measure the pvc pipe and fitting and mark where you want to cut in and cut 1/4″ less plus are minus, use 2 fernco bands and put pipe together. You also can use a nohub y and put in the same way.

      Art retired plbg

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      Use a PVC repair coupling,that is a coupling without a stop in it.

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      This is exactly what Fernco rubber couplings are made for. They allow you to cut out a section of DWV (you’ve got to measure closely), as they allow you the flexibility you need to install the new connection, even when the pipes themselves can’t move that much.

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      That is what repair couplings are made for also.

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