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      My builder did some awful slab work so my toilet is even in the back but about 3/4 inch off the floor in the front of the toilet. I have had woof shims under it for 3 years but it looks terrible. We have a local plumber show on tv and he suggested to use left over grout from the bathroom tile to fill in the gap around the front portion of the toilet. what are the pros and cons of doing this? and what consistancy should the grout be prepared? I have not had any problems with the toilet leaking or rocking yet and i am leery of doing any major work at this time. I am more just thinking cosmetic. Is that ok since the only problem is looks? I hit image link to add a pix but nothing happens Thanks, John

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      Retired plbg1

      We use to do that but after awhile it turns dirty, use the grout and let it dry for a couple days and then take white caulking and go over it real light and put on thin coat.

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      Thanks for the tip. I have some questions.
      1. What is thin coat?
      2. How do i send a pix? This gap is kind of big and i am wondering how the caulk would look. what is the best way to apply caulk to look professional with it being so wide and all the way around the front of the toilet?
      3 Does the thin coat prevent the caulk from getting dirty like the grout would do?
      4. Why can’t the caulk be sealed and it would then look better?
      Sorry for all the questions, they just popped in my head..
      thanks ,john

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      Retired plbg1

      Put it on the grout and take a small brush and smooth it out. You might find a different kind at store, maybe they got something better check it out before you do anything, try the box stores. HD& Lowers.

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