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      The Drain Doctor

      Our two old toilets fill and then about a half hour later they lose enough so that the water comes on to refill them. I changed the stopper balls but the new ones don’t seem to work either. Is ther a problem with hole in the bottom because the toilets are old? What should I try? Thanks

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like your flapper is leaking and turnning on the ballcock. Take a pack of easter egg dye and dump some in tank and let sit and watch and see if it comes through in the bowl , if so replace flappers, also check ballcock make sure it shuts off.

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      The tank ball sounds like it is not seating on the flush valve. Unhook it from the tank ball wire and see what happens.Also the seat on the flush valve could be corroded,if so,shut off water and dress the seat with a file or emery cloth.You stated that you have a ball and not a flapper ,right? Also you could have the wrong size of tank ball.The guide arm could be out of alignment,not letting the ball seat.Could also have a bent tank ball wire or a bad tank ball lift wire.Forget the egg dye,cause you already know the water is leaking by.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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