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      My shower drips whenever the bathtub is filling. I can close off the tub water and the shower runs just fine without water leaking from the tub. This is the type with two tub faucets and a tub spigot with diverter near the end and a massage type shower head. Do I just need a new spigot to replace the converter?

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      Sounds like the diverter stem is in need of replacement of parts that are wearable.

      The stem itself usually is not in need of replacement, but the rubbers and packing.

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      Is there usually a kit of some kind that contains the needed replacement parts? Is that the sort of thing I could find at Home Depot etc.?

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      Yes. But, the problem with Home Depot faucet repair parts, is the fact that majority of thier product is made by DANCO, which I think has really lost thier value as a good brand.

      I would spend the extra money and buy O.E.M. Replacement parts to solve the problem.

      If the diverter stem is not bent, ask for the wearable replacement parts only, dip the stem in vineager to clean it and use plumber’s grease on all threads and moving parts.

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      Thank you, I will try what you’ve suggested.

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      Your household pressure may be too high. The mixer valve has direct openings to the spout and shower; only the pressure drop due to flow to the tub keeps water out of shoer head; but if incoming pressure is high, the water will rise to the shower.

      Many newer mixers have a restricter in the shower outlet, but an older one may not.

      Finding a spout which allows greater flow may help, especially if present spout is partially blocked by mineral buildup.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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