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      Mario Blas

      I am currently working on a A/C project at a Neighbors house.I just happened to hear a Conversation between the Homeowner and His Plumber.
      The Homeowner wants to put 2 Floor Drains in the floor of his second floor laundry room. His Plumber says that it can be connected to the waste line.???
      Can it or does it have to be a Indirect drain??
      thanks for your help

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      The fixture that drains into the floor drain shall drain indirectly.

      The floor drain though must tie into the main waste line.

      It could tie indirectly, but would not pass under new construction provision.

      I would tie into the main stack, vent it properly so that it is not wet vented.

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      Dunbar Thank you for your answer it seems to put my question to rest.
      Please explain how the floor drain traps will not dry out from lack of use due to the fact that these drains are for overflow of the washer machine only

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      They can and will dry up, trap primers are something that would work, but can fail if not attended to.

      If you have a heating and air conditioning unit close by that could be redirected to this drain, you could provide an air gap at the furnace, then tie into the vertical upright of trap if your local codes allow it.

      I am describing the 3/4″ drain pipe for the A coil pan. If no can do, then make a point of pouring water into the trap periodically.

      “Your best interest is secured by making the right decisions the first time.”

Viewing 3 reply threads
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