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      Dasaolu Olawale

      I have a reliance 501 electric hot water heater, its only about a year and a half old i moved from one house to another and took water heater with after i hooked it up it didnt work i left it alone for about three days and it started working?? It worked fine up until about a week ago when we had to use alot of hot water then it never got hot again?ive tried the reset button with no luck it felt like it was getting warm a few times but now its just cold. If anyone can give me some advice on how to fix this that would be great. And mybe some ideas on the prices of the stuff ill need to buy to fix it.
      Thanks Very Much

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      Sounds like a loose wire in the connection of house electrical source to water heater pigtails.

      If not, there is a chance that maybe improper wiring from one house to another or either upper or lower thermostats failed.

      Replace both thermostats at the same time and make sure that both elements are functioning.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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