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      Dax O’Keefe

      Just doing a quote for a beauty school and discovered that it is recommend that you put thermostatic mixing valves on shampoo basins. They are also putting in a shower with jets and spa and also a basin, do these also need the valves or can a tempering valve be used for all of the above?

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      Tempering valves maintain a specific water temperature coming from the water heater source, but, do not prevent fluctuations at the fixture. That is why thermostatic and/or pressure balancing valves are required.

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      You need a licensed plumber who knows the right valves to install on each one of the fixtures and the correct backflow preventers that are required by the plumbing code.

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      I am a plumber, could anyone tell me what these codes are for NSW Australia?

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      HeyFreddie ,How’s things in NYC?

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      Check with your local Plumbing Inspector I am sure he will steer you in the right direction on this issue.

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Viewing 5 reply threads
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