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      I am replacing a toilet – but can’t seem to get the T-shaped bolts in. When removing the toilet, the old bolts both snapped. I wasn’t able to get either of them out of the flange since the slot is not large enough – there is no “wide” part to the flange. I have scrapped everything I could off the slot area of the flange down to the metal – it was caked with hardened wax. I was able to push the old bolts down into a crevice under the slot, but now I can’t get the new bolts in. The flange and existing pipe are cast iron – I cannot see if the flange is soldered to the pipe, to me it looks like one piece.

      So – any way for me to get the new bolts in? any work-arounds?


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      Use a super ring that is made to bolt around the outside edges of the flange. About $6 to $10 at all big box stores.

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