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      I need your professional advice. I think small amount of water has leaked for long time from behind the wall in bathroom upstairs. I can not find actual water leaks but have wet marks. I have observed for long time whether it leaks or not, but I am now pretty sure it leaks. I think it leaks between the bathroom wall and outside brick wall.

      I do not know whether it is related to this problem or not, but recently I had water noize sometime (when I open and close tap, the noize occurs), but not always.

      Please advise how we can find whether it leaks, where it leaks and how we can fix, who is the appropriate plumber, how much it cost etc etc.

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      Well in any case if the leak is behind the wall cladding then that material will have to be cut open to expose the problem and ways to remedy it will expose themselves.
      Call in any competent plumber and I am sure your problem will be resolved to your satisfaction.

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Viewing 1 reply thread
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