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      David McFarland

      Our hot water heater is located on one side of our house — the same side as our kitchen, laundry, and full bath. Our master bath and half-bath are on the other side of the house and it takes a long time to get hot water to the shower and sinks. I hate wasting all that water! How can I improve this?

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      Install a water heater over at the other end where the half bath is.

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      I would do what Dunbar said; but you would only need a small 3 gallon 110 volt electric installed on the hot water pipe to your master bathroom. You could install a timer on it, so it only turns on early a.m. or p.m. prior to your standard use time this will save you money and provide you hot water when you need itl

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      You could also install a hot water re-circulating line.

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