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      Hi ,

      I’m not a professional plumber so I need your help…hopefully somebody knows some the answers? Thanks in advance,

      1) What are your requirements for residential water service supply lines?

      2) What size water service pipe is typical for single family residential, (or cabins)? (percentages by sizes?)

      3) What types of pipe can be used for water service? Any restrictions?

      4) Any special requirements when entering the structure? Is it OK to bring PE into the house? Or does the codes require some sort of transition to copper?

      4) How deep must the pipe be buried? (how can I find info on frost depts per state?)

      5) if I use a heat trace wire, how deep must it be buried

      6) By percentage, how many homes use drilled wells as their water supply?, how many lake supply systems are there? (roughly)

      7) What is current solution to handle water service from being not frozen?

      8) Is heat trace cable ever installed for freeze protection? Do the cables ever fail?

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      By percentage the average guy has no idea what they are doing when it comes to plumbing and all your questions give merit to that.

      Call a licensed plumber in your area to help you with all your projects and questions, they are the ones that can give you much more pertinent information then you could ever find here.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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