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      Often when the outside water faucets are turned on, the feeder pipe in the basement makes a loud clanking sound. It appears that this pipe moves which is I believe is the cause of the sound. The pipe enters the basement and runs vertically up the wall and along the floor joists to the water heater/water softener area approx. 35 feet away. The outside faucets are connected to the water line prior to entering the basement. Is there any way to stop the pipe from moving and making this sound?

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      Do you have a PRV in line if so turn Press. down if you dont you might need one, also you have to strap down your pipes more because it sounds like some are free from joist, also check your hose bibb and see if washer is loose, you couls also install a shock arrester in the line, but it sounds like to high od Press.

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