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      Dear Sirs:

      I have a plumbing problem I hope your expertise will help me with.

      I installed a new bath in my basement including a shower, at first I first I did not have any problems with pressure, then I had to replace the water line into the shower head, I went from 3/8 plastic to 1/2 steel piping just to the shower head, this reduced the pressure at the shower head. But the big but, I also messed with the pressure in my holding tank, I have a blue 20 gallon tank with an air valve on the top.
      My pressure at the pump reads 22 Lbs all time whether the pump is cycling or not. I have a deep well pump around 150 ft. deep and the pump is the submergible kind at 3/4 hp. I ran the pressure in the tank up to 60 lbs with my air compressor ( duh aye ? ) and I did hear a stretching noise inside the tank, so I lowered the pressure back to 45lbs. The problem is What so I have to do to get the pressure back up to normal

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      Expanding that tank was not a good idea, and has probably shortened the life of the tank.

      Pressure in the tank does not increase the pressure in the house.

      The tank pressure, completely empty of water, should be 2 pounds less than the cut-in pressure of the tank.

      Pressure is adjusted by the post inside the pressure switch.

      Start over from the beginning, drain tank of all water, set pressure in tank when empty.

      “Your best interest is secured by making the right decisions the first time.”

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