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        I have about a 18 year old Red Jacket QuickSet Jet well pump model 60RJ 1/2 hp. It sits on top of about a 10 gallon pressure tank. I have a about a 15 to 20 feet deep dug well. Last night after my wife did a couple loads of wash I noticed that the pump was running continuously. I checked the pressure gauge and it was at about 38 lbs. I turned the pump off and ran some water to verify the gauge was working (it was), turned the pump back on and the gauge came back up, and we have water pressure so long as the pump’s running. It has a pumptrol pressure switch, which I’m not all that familiar with, so with the pump running I tried turning but nuts on it both clockwise and counterclockwise with no results (pump continues to run). I’m sure that I don’t have any leaks or water running anywhere, and the gauge holds pressure overnight so I don’t think it’s a foot valve issue. My guess is that the pumps worn out and can’t generate enough pressure. Any ideas, suggestions, or other tests I can try?

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          If you turn power off to the pump and let it sit does the pressure hold constant? I believe you have said it does in your comments. Next if there is a shut-off on the piping going to the house turn it off. The pressure switch and gauge must be on the pump side of the valve not house side. Turn the power back on and then see if your pump will build pressure up to turn the switch off. Since you have turned the adjusting screws for the switch watch the pressure gauge closely and if it gets above 70psi kill the power. With the system isolated if the pump can not build pressure then you are right and it should be replaced.

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          Avatar photoZeekThePlumber

            Depawl, could possibly be your pressure switch on your well pump.

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