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      David Micalef

      I have a similiar problem that has happened to Connecticut Cowboy. I performed the task of removing areators from faucet and cleaned out pieces of white sandstone/sediment (notsure, just plugs everything). I let the water flush and have been repeating the procedure about every 4-5 days. The sandstone stuff has even spread to bathrooms and washing machine. Another thing that is surprising to me is that it tends to be only from the cold water supply…Any ideas on how to get to the source of this sandstone stuff and fix it?? I have one toilet that tends to need to be deguased of this stuff quite regularly. Any help or referrals will be greatly apppreciated…THANKS, Jamaray.

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      Retired plbg1

      Are you on a well,if so might have to dig it deeper, maybe try a filter on the manin water line.

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      I am on city services, but there has been a lot of construction in the area.

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      It sounds like hard water scale to me. Drop some of it in some vimegar and if it dissolves, it is. A water softener stops the formatin of scale tha tcan resemble little balls pieces and chunks.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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