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      Any help in replacing my circulator on my 1970’s boiler would be appreciated. ie: draining and refilling the system (or does it fill itself through the main water supply), purging the system (I have no bleeders that I can see but it does have an expansion tank), and anything else that I might need to know :-) I am a plumbing idiot when it comes to boilers. Thanks for any help!!!!!

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      Work on a Boiler improperly performed can have a very tragic result. Please consult a local licensed professional that can come out and advice you. If you have a question with the advice you get I am sure you will not have a problem getting second opinions on this site. Good Luck!

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      100% with you on this one Turdchaser – there is little if any room for a mix up with a boiler system better left to the experts!!!!!!!!!

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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