is it possible to put a pedestal sink in a mobilehome?

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      david sims

      We remodeled our rear bathroom and DH bought a big pedestal sink to replace the cabinet/countertop sink. We totally gutted out the bathroom, enlarged it by using some of hallway and reinforced the walls (especially where the pedestal sink will go). Those walls are the strongest walls in all of our 1998 16×60 mobilehome. Anyways, Now DH is puzzled. Everything is complete except for the sink. He stood up the pedestal sink where it will go, which was where the previous sink was and he has no idea where to begin to connect it. How do we get the PVC pipe coming out of the floor to connect to the pedestal sink fixtures, which definetely is NOT PVC. All diagrams and instructions we see all show the plumbing coming out of the wall. Any suggestions? Would a plumber be able to help us? Thank you.


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      Retired plbg1

      You need aroughin sheet for water and waste, the pipe is likely ABS a black material. A plumber would help you great, if you have the brand name of the sink you should be able to get roughin off internet.

      Art retired plbg

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