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      Both of our bathtubs (one upstairs & one down, both in same part of house) will occasionally leak when we drain them. The upstairs tub leaks through the floor to the ceiling and the downstairs goes through the floor to the basement. Not alot of water but enough to cause damage. It doesn’t happen when we us the shower. It seems to be related to the pull of the water draining. Our house is old (1909) but the plumbing was updated around the 80’s. Can anyone help before we decide to go broke replacing all the plumbing?!

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      Sounds like the stack has deteriorated and leaks on a trap arm possibly.

      You will have to open either the walls or ceiling to find out what the problem is.

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      If the leak is under tub then take out ceiling and see if the waste & overflow on tub is leaking, thats where it usually starts, and then go from there.The trap might might be leaking.

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