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      Have had this problem for a while now.Every time the faucets are turned on air spews.all faucets upstairs and down are affected.After the water runs for awhile air spews again then again.I”m on a well system and have checked pressure tank for psi and that checks out ok .Could this be further down the system or something in the faucets on the line

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      Could be a hole or slit in the suction line of your pump.

      Did you test the air pressure in the tank with the water completely removed?

      That is the most accurate way to determine whether the tank is working properly. No water should emit from the schraeder valve either.

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      ken carpenter

      Thank you Dunbar.I did drain pressure tank to test pressure.It had none,so i added required amount ,that being 28 psi. Did not notice any water coming from valve.So you think it’s possible that there may be a leak in the line somewhere between the well and the pressure tank or in the well itself.Once again thank you for your reply! Ken Carpenter

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      Your pump could be sucking air if the water level fals to the inlet of the pump/foot valve.

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