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        Help! Our contractor just called and wanted to know if we want to use copper pipes or PEX plastic pipes in our new home construction. PEX is new in our area and I’m having a hard time finding references to it’s downsides (all the product lit. only stress the benefits). My questions are: Are there frequent problems with framers or cabinet makers accidentally cutting it? Is it better to sleeve it if putting it in a slab foundation? Do people have problems with mice chewing it? Does the pipe ever collapse (like when going around corners, etc.)? Are the chemicals in the plastic stable to ensure that it doesn’t leach? Any input would be appreciated!

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        Avatar photoArt_xyz

          I have heard good reviews about pex pipe, BUT I also heard good reviews about the poly pipe which in time turned out to be a disaster. I’m a great believer in copper water pipes. Too many new materials and equipment come and go making repair/replacement parts hard to come by. The choice is yours, as for me, I prefer to let others experiment and when it has been in use and trouble free for 5 to 10 years, I’ll use it. (I’m sure you’ll get different responses)

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            i almost responded last night but didn’t want to say exactly what art told you. pex SHOULD be great, but will the local home depot have fittings for your particular brand in 10 yrs. when you need to make a change? they sure will have 1/2 & 3/4 inch copper fittings! i’ve been plumbing for 18 yrs. and wouldn’t use it in my home for water supply, yet i use pex/al for infloor with total confidense!

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