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      David pulling

      Here’s the story-
      I installed a disposal in a double basin sink to find that the disposal outlet was at the same height as the exit drain. (I’m not a professional so bear with me on any termenology) This has led to backups in the other basin, improper fitting PVC and leaks. If I take the basin and the disposal down below the exit drain, join them with a tee joint and then have it go back up to the exit drain am I in for more trouble? Every help topic on every website I’ve seen has the drain going through the floor or lower than the disposal output. HELP!!

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      Your situation will only get worse if you run this drain uphill.

      You need to either put in a shallow double bowl sink, or open the wall to lower the drain pipe opening in the wall.

      The elevation your pipe is at now will have water standing in the disposal and eventually the disposal will prematurely break.

      “Your best interest is secured by making the right decisions the first time.”

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      My garbage disposal vibration causes PVC “utrap” to come unscrewed. After the flood…I now have to periodically remember to tighten it.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      COCACOLA. Things are obviously going to get worse. With the onset of age you will not only forget to tighten the nut but you will also forget to turn the tap off when using the muncher.
      The best advice is to scrap the muncher. Save water & stop the leak. Before you forget!!

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