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      We have 1 1/4″ valve on an old steam radiator system.
      The new valves are made so the housing is smaller than
      the old ones. So many times they do not fit. Can I shop around to find a bigger one? Or do we have to exted the pipe with a coupling? This would mean that we have to make a block to set the radiator on, right?
      Or should we rebuild the valve?? Help!

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      Are you talking about the angle radiator valve, you mean it is 1″ and your pipe is 1-1/4″. if that is case then you would have to use 1-1/4″ by 1″ reducer and a nipple, you would have to cut pipe. But if you can get below in base ment then take out 1-1/4″ pipe and put in acast iron bushing and run 1″ up to radiator valve, on heating you should use castiron fittings. To sole this go to plumbing supplyhouse and get a valve the right size, you can repack the old valve and buy washers for it at supplyhouse.

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      No, the pipe is all 1 1/4″. The valve casting itself is actually shorter, so the feet of the radiator are jammed into the floor. For example if you replace legs on a chair
      with shorter legs, your chin will hit the table, even though
      the legs are the same thickness.
      And if we add a coupling to extend the feed pipe the radiator will be too high and it will float in the air.
      This problem must happen all the time….

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      Retired plbg1

      They used to make a fitting they called an extensin coupling, it depends how much room you have, are just take out nipple and get one cut to fit.

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