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      I’ve recently installed new faucet in my kitchen. The water coming out from this faucet has iron smell. I can even taste it in coffee or tea when using water from this faucet. I don’t have this smell coming out of any other faucets in the entire house. All water pipes are made out of copper. I don’t have any iron pipes in the house.

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      I recommend taking the supply pipes loose below the faucet run a couple gallons of water thru them into a bucket. Then hook them backup and take the aerator off the spout of the faucet run the water for about a gallon, put it back on, this should flush it out. Most likely not the faucet but when the supply valves were turned on and off the debris buildup in the pipes freed up.

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      Let run for 10 minutes straight…….it might clear the issue.

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