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        I installed a Toto toilet today that I recommended to my customer since I have heard a lot of good on the forums on the net.

        I installed a Drake, and even though the tank to bowl bolts are extremely tight, the tank wobbles with the simple hit of the trip lever to flush the toilet. There is no way that items can be put on top of the tank; they will eventually rock off the tank.

        Even if the toilet was right against the wall, the tank will still rock forward. Not even close to touching the sanitary bar molded into the porcelain.

        So I called the supplier and explained what the circumstance was and they instantly fired off a line of $%!# telling me that all tanks wobble on toilets, not true. Mansfield 3 bolt don’t, American Standards and Eljers will crank down till they meet the sanitary bar and stop moving.

        Kohler Wellworth Elongated toilets don’t rock either.

        They told me to buy rubber washer to stick between the tank and bowl. I also noticed that the tank lid fits loosely on the tank and you have to adjust the lid so the unfinished edges don’t show.

        I sure would like an explanation to the reason for this flaw, and why no one has mentioned this problem. If I keep cranking the tank to bowl bolts down, Something will break. They also tried to say that the tank to bowl gasket was possibly on incorrectly, but then they said that Toto’s tanks rock.

        The toilet and design and the flush is fine…….but this issue with the tank wobbling has to be corrected.

        If I was the customer………I would have doubts too.

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          Damn……….I guess I have to answer my own questions in this forum.

          Whelp, here is my answer:

          Turned out to be a defective gasket. Supplier gave me a new one and fixed the problem instantly. Toilet came down flush and is now steady.

          When I called Toto, they explained that even though it was rare, it has happened from time to time, as with anything, there is always room for error in workmanship.

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