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      My problem is similar to the foul bathroom odor mention in another post. The odor does not come from the drains. I have tried the bleach. The odor was not present until after I had a stopped up drain. I had a plumber come and fix it right after Thanksgiving. He had to go on the roof and snake it from the vent pipe.. Could he have damaged the the vent? Under the kitchen sink it smells like it is coming from between the wall where the pipe goes into the wall, and in the bathroom it smells also smells like it is coming inside the wall. I dread to think what this will cost me to fix if I have to rip my bathroom walls out…. HELP!!!

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      If you have a crawl space under the home someone should go in and inspect the drainage piping for leaks. Older galvanized lines are notorious for pitting and after it is cleaned then leaking. If this is not the case your best plan of attack is to have a trade professional do a smoke test. Many referrals to doing a smoke test have been posted on this site in the past. Do a search on the site on ” smoke test ” and you will find more info.

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      Thanks that does sound like a plan. Yes we have a crawl space, in daughter’s closet – and a ton of stuff on top of the entrance. I knew that this was a option. Now to get one of my kids to go down there. I myself do not do crawlspaces. LOL..
      Thanks again. do appreciate the quick response.

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