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      Hello, I put some insulation in my wall (as some of you have been kind enough to offer ideas on) to cover up pluming noise. Evidently, the PVC drain pipes from the bathroom upstairs (specifically when sink and tub are used, not toilet), must be expanding and knocking into something–making real loud ticking noises for half hour plus. The insulation has not stopped the noise, and it looks like pipes are sturdy, so it must be where the drain pipe is coming through the floor, it is expanding in that area knocking into the wood. My question: If I cut a hole in the wall at the top where it meets the ceiling, will that be the exact point where it is coming through—and will wraping that area of the pipe in some sort of cushion or something be sufficient to fix it? Thanks

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      No you will have to cut wood around pipe so it does not touch eaxh other.

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      Just so you undertand what’s causing the noise: It is probably not that the pipe is expanding in diameter and pressing against the sides of the hole it’s commint through.

      The noise is probably because the pipe is getting longer as it warms up and sliding slowly through this tight opening.

      Making the opening larger so the pipe can slide freely will probably help. And a little space is all you need.

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      You will most proberly find its the hot water pipr. As it heats up it expandes and most proberly touching the cold water pipe. The noise you hear it the pipes rubbing on each other

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