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        How is the best way to replace the nipples on the hot water heater without messing up the threads? I have a brand new Whirlpool 50 gallon hot water heater. Without going into detail; I am an idiot and screwed both of mine up(on the hot and cold side) I briefly tried to remove one of the nipples with a pipe wrench.. it did mess the threads up a little bit. I twisted on it pretty good.. and it didn’t break loose.. not sure if they have reverse threads on them or what. I am concerned that if I get them out..that I won’t be able to bet the new ones in without messing up the threads. The threaded part is the only place that I can get a pipe wrench on the nipples at without taking the top of the tank off..and I have tried that and I stopped before I screwed anything up.. I really need some help here… So, I would appreciate any suggestions, info, and help.



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          A pipe extractor is the proper tool for the job it fits on the inside of the nipple to remove it. Another note is that some manufacturers weld there nipples to the tank. You should consult with the manufacturer to verify the nipples can be removed or have a licensed professional do this for you.

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            Why did you try to remove the nipples, all you do is get 2 Female Dilectric unions and screw them on the nipple and run copper from there. If you can screw on a fitting then get a coupling and make it up on the nipple to help st. out the thread and go from there. Put on unions and go.

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              This is blip… had to re-register for some reason.

              I messed up the blue pieces inside the nipples and would like to replace them if possible. The threads are fine on the nipples. I am not sure if they are welded in or not, but I know that there are threads on both ends of the nipples. Could there be reverse threads on the tank side of the nipples?



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                no there should be no reverse threads, the things inside the nipples are heat traps one should be blue and the other red, blue for cold and red for hot side. or? if the blue thing is only on the cold side and it sits down in the bottom of the nipple it is a dip tube which can be pulled straight up and out and replaced, either way it does seem that you should be getting ahold of a professional that could assist you with this, I just fear that you are going to end up needing another brand new water heater because this one will end up damaged beyond repair.

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