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      Hello, I finally had some insulation done today in a wall to cover up some intermittent plumbing noise. It was blown-in insulation. I was out today, and when I came home it was done–basically they cut several circular holes in the wall to blow it in. The thing is, the circular holes are about 6 feet up, the wall however is 10 feet high, so from that depth, does it still fill the whole 10 feet? It would seem to me once the insulation filled to the line where the hole was cut, it can’t blow up any higher, but I could be wrong. It would be kind of useless if it only filled about half! Appreciate any insight. thanks

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      Would have thought it would be fairly obvious from your description – check with a torch looking into the holes and see if you can see where the insulation level is. I wonder why they did not drill the wall from the top plate and fill it downwards? Maybe they could not get access to that way??

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