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        I need to replace a pressure tank for a domestic water system on a drilled well. Can’t find any book that names the pipes and fittings that come out of the pressure tank.Our tank has a pressure gauge hooked into the pipe outside the tank as well as a switch that turns on the pump. It would be nice to know the proper names of the parts so I can ask for the right part. The new tank also contains a “pre-charged bladder” and the installation instructions that came with it were less than clear. Don’t ask me to call a plumber because we live miles out of town and they seem relauctant to travel that far.
        Any help, diagrams with names, hints for installationnd safety tips would be most appreciated.

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        Avatar photohj

          The tank should only have one opening in it and that connects to the opening in the piping. If the gauge and other items are connected to the pipes before the union, then you will have to disconnnect the wiring and reassemble it after making the tank change. Other than that, you should only need elbows, nipples, and a union if the present ones cannot be reused.

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          Avatar photojoe

            Thanks hj. I was a little panicky when I first saw the mess of the leaking pressure tank and all the fittings hidden under dust and cobwebs. Luckily, it is only a pinhole which gave me some time to clean around the site, make diagrams and measurements etc.
            One of the stores recommends replacing the tank tee etc with plastic instead of galvanized and brass. What do you think? Thanks again

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            Avatar photohj

              The next good pressure fitting that they make out of plastic will be the first one. Stay with copper or brass, unless the rest of the system is galvanized in which case use that.

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