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      Avatar photoFernando Ortega

        My well pump quit on me the other day. Impeller seized, motor tripping on it’s thermal switch.

        I called around looking for the exact replacement but serveral places didnt have the goulds 3/4 hp and offered a different size.

        So I found another brand. 3/4HP, same inlet and outlet sizes, everything seems to to be indentical. But I can’t get it to pump over 30lbs pressure. The old pump had a 30/50 switch and the new one came with a 40/60 so I swapped the pressure switches but it won’t ever get up to 50lbs to shut off. Actually, I adjusted the pressure switch way down and it does cycle on and off so we have water but I’d like to get it back up to 50lbs.

        I filled the pump with water, checked the suction line for air leaks, and According to the instructions, with the pump discharge line closed, it should quickly jump up to 60lbs. It just jumps to 28-30 and stays there.

        Any well experts here?
        Maintenance Guy

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        Avatar photoDUNBAR

          Do you have a precharged tank? And did you set the pressure 2 pounds less than cut-in with tank completely empty?

          You never mentioned anything about a precharged tank, so that is why I am asking.

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          Avatar photoGarySlusser

            Is it a two line or single line pump? IOWs, is there one line from the well or two? If two, did you change the j-body in the well or check it fro blackage which is more likely. Blockage could have happened when you took the old pump off the plumbing. Or, there is blockage in the jet in the wet end of the new pump from something used in the plumbing of the new pump, or you have a bad new pump.

            Quality Water Associates

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            Avatar photomaintenance-guy

              I haven’t done anything to the well itself.

              I have a pre-charged air tank and it is pressurized to 26lbs so it’s 4 lbs below the cut-in pressure.

              And it’s set up with two pipes as a deep well pump.

              I’ve decided the problem must be in the well. Probably the jet either got partially clogged or worn and that’s what burned out the first pump.

              I’ll live with the low pressure (as long as it keeps working this way) and dig up the well in the spring when the ground isn’t quite so hard.

              Thanks for your replies.

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