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      This topic recently came up in another corner of the world wide web.

      Air gaps on dishwashers.

      In my area, they are code and you must install them. In other areas of the United States, it is not enforced. There is a reason why that device was created, and for good reason.

      Seemed that most thought that since the code didn’t enforce it, it was okay to high loop the line. I know from being a licensed backflow tester of a few case histories where people became deathly ill and one even died from the results of this device not being installed.

      Any comments or personal experiences on this topic would be appreciated.

      I myself will not install a dishwasher without one. I know that it’s function has a great value and protects cross contamination back into dishwasher in case of a back-up in the kitchen sink. And we all know what can happen sometimes when a bathroom resides directly above a kitchen sink sometimes.

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      Retired plbg1

      I worked as a Plbg. Insp. for 3 yrs. and never did see any connected with air gap fit. I asked boss and he said forget about them just loop it up high.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Dunbar. In Oz we are required to discharge the dishwasher waste with a high loop & then either to a tit above the water seal of a trap or over a tundish connected to a trapped drain, we have no requirement of length. thus a air gap in the latter case.
      I suppose the tit over the water seal forms an air gap, however it is not a clear air gap & under a blocked sink scenario it would be a problem, but then you couldn’t use the sink any way.
      In Oz we also dont get the rate of DIY as you do in USA either. It seems that the US Constitution gives the individual the right to do whatever in their own home with no thaught of the consequences to the community services.
      It seems to me that the USA has to give up some of its individual rights in an effort to curb DIY. Especially in Plumbing as this is the centre stone of the HEALTH OF THE NATION.

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      Thanks for the responses.

      I sometimes wish there wasn’t so many people that did thier own plumbing work,,,but over here in the states we have many problems that need to be addressed.

      Hopefully we all could learn from the laws that govern your country. But for now I have to fix screwups that seem to never end where some just don’t know what to do to protect themselves.

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      It seems that every Country has different rules for different things and not all make a lot of sense, however if you comply with your requirements you are doing all that regulators expect.

      In any case, you will always get work that turns into lucrative dollars fixing those stuff ups from DYO folks.

      While you are waiting for the moon to change colour and the world to be a flat surface – make hay while the sun shines for some day it will darken and cloud over!!!!!!!

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